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nextcloud-client depends on qt5-webengine

theova - 7 months ago - . Updated about 2 months ago.

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nextcloud-client depends on qt5-webengine:

Repository : community
Name : nextcloud-client
Version : 2.5.0-4
Description : Nextcloud desktop client
Architecture : x86_64
Licenses : GPL
Groups : None
Provides : None
Depends On : sqlite qtkeychain qt5-svg qt5-webengine qt5-webkit xdg-utils
Optional Deps : kio: integration with Dolphin
nemo-python: integration with Nemo
python-nautilus: integration with Nautilus
python2-caja: integration with Caja
Conflicts With : None
Replaces : None
Download Size : 2.55 MiB
Installed Size : 9.65 MiB
Packager : Chih-Hsuan Yen <>
Build Date : Sat 17 Nov 2018 03:49:31 PM CET
Validated By : MD5 Sum SHA-256 Sum Signature

Since the webinterface shoudt not be needed necessarely and the origin owncloud-client hasn't it as a dependencie, I think, it should be possible to run it without qt5-webengine.

Thanks a lot!


PKGBUILD (1.42 KB) PKGBUILD theova, 2019-04-27 10:37 AM
auth.patch (7.48 KB) auth.patch theova, 2019-04-27 10:37 AM

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Updated by theova 7 months ago

The daily image doesn't use qt5-webengine. An example of a pkgbuild can be seen in the AUR . It would be cool to have this package in the official repository.


Updated by bill-auger 7 months ago

"appimage" in the package name indicates that as a blob package with qt5-webengine baked in - i.e. not built from source code - i.e. not fit for parabola

i could be wrong about that? - but it is indeed the latest casualty of the chromium->qt5-webengine->electron deluge


Updated by bill-auger 7 months ago

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Updated by theova 7 months ago

bill-auger wrote:

"appimage" in the package name indicates that as a blob package with qt5-webengine baked in - i.e. not built from source code - i.e. not fit for parabola

I didn't know this, thanks.

I contacted the developers of nextloud-client. See


Updated by bill-auger 7 months ago

i would not expect that github issue to be convincing - this is not a new issue - the qt5-webengine dev team have already been confronted with this issue and they do not believe it is true

also, it is not correct to say that qt5-webengine is definitively considered non-free - it is considered non-free only because it has never been definitively shown to be free

also the link to the FSF is not going to be convincing either - if you really wanted to show them something relevant, this would be a better link to offer

IIRC a qt5-webengine dev posted to that thread saying they were willing to fix any freedom issues that can be shown conclusively, if chromium does not address them first - that is the best you could ask of any upstream

lastly, i can say that any problem with qt5-webengine is in what it inherits from chromium - if there is any work to be done verifying or liberating qt5-webengine or electron, the upstream chromium would be the ideal place to do that work - in time, the changes would propagate to the others


Updated by bill-auger 4 months ago

  • Status changed from open to confirmed

Updated by theova about 2 months ago

There is a patch to build nextcloud-desktop without qt5-webengine. I can't estimate, if there are any security issues, so it would be good, if somebody could have a look at it.

You can find the patch and the modified (Arch-)PKGBUILD in the attachment.


Updated by bill-auger about 2 months ago

  • Priority changed from bug to freedom issue

it looks that people are taking the patch favorably upstream - maybe we should just wait a bit and see if they accept it


Updated by bill-auger 24 days ago

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