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[doge] Doge is non‐free

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Doge meme is non‐free.

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what is "doge meme"? - does parabola distribute it? - how do you now "whatever that is" is non-free?

we do not simply remove programs because of unverifiable claims - what exactly would we need to look at to verify what you claim?

it seems that you are under the impression that removing a package is a simple thing to do - it is not - it is usually very time consuming to find some concrete reason why it was removed - even after that, the first course towards a resolution is not to remove it, but to try patching the program to remove the non-free parts and make it acceptable

in your bug report about Freedroid, for example, you eventually gave some good hints as to where to styart looking but this is nearly devoid of useful information

ima associate this one with the other crypto-coin issues you have opened for now, as those do not yet include any useful information either

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