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[metasploit] confirmed non‐free

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In 2017, I said that Metasploit might be non‐free.
Now I have found some Ruby gems, license for which is unknown (
Issue #1441 is no longer updated, even after my comment, so I think it is abandoned.

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duplicate of #1441


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it does not help anything to have multiple open issues for the identical concern - you could as well have added to the original, and it would have floated to the top just the same as this one

this seems to about a ruby gem - yes? - that could explain why it was not given much attention - parabola does not support or filter software from third-party package managers - these are considered essentially the same as the AUR (this is: not recommended nor supported) - use at your own risk

is this regarding a package in the parabola repos ?


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Yes, it looks like this gem is required by metasploit package.
Also, Metasploit recommends non‐free software Metasploit Pro at every run.


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Update: all gems with "unknown" license are free, license is not found by the script for some reason.
Metasploit Pro is recommended at start but user must follow the link to get it.

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