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[radare2-cutter]: depends on qt5-webengine

bill-auger - about 5 years ago - . Updated over 1 year ago.

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$ pacman -Si radare2-cutter | grep Depend
Depends on : capstone  qt5-base  qt5-svg  qt5-webengine  icu  python  jupyter  pyside2  shiboken2  python-shiboken2


PKGBUILD (1.62 KB) PKGBUILD PKGBUILD v1.9.0-2.par1 theova, 2019-11-03 10:21 AM

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Updated by bill-auger about 5 years ago

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Updated by bill-auger over 4 years ago

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Updated by theova over 4 years ago

It is possible to build radare2-cutter without qt5-webengine:

I was able to build radare2-cutter on x86_64. However the builds on arm and i686 failed.
A librefied PKGBUILD is attached.


Updated by bill-auger over 4 years ago

gj theova -

did you install the package and run the program?
it works acceptably?


Updated by theova over 4 years ago

yes, I installed it and run it.

Altough I have not used it to much yet, I see no problems...


Updated by bill-auger almost 4 years ago


can you send this PKGBUILD to the dev list - maybe oaken-source
will look at it


Updated by gap over 1 year ago

iaito (formerly radare2-cutter) was forked into rz-cutter.
Work on iaito appears to be less active than rz-cutter, and the package shares many of the problems from #3142.
As iaito is so similar to rz-cutter, work appears to be lagging behind rz-cutter, and maintaining the package would require essentially a duplication of effort, I am tempted to suggest we should drop it, but I don't think showing preference for one fork over the other is a good idea.
I think the ideal solution is for them to merge again, hopefully sooner rather than later, before one of the forks dies.


How do you feel about giving iaito the same treatment as rz-cutter?

iaito also appears to be duplicated in i686/community/r2cutter, armv7h/community/r2cutter, and armv7h/community/radare2-cutter.
I presume these are imported from Arch32 and ArchARM.

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