Bug #2265

[gajim]: Video chat throws an AttributeError (jingle/gstreamer/x264)

ani - about 5 years ago - . Updated about 5 years ago.

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System info: Vanilla Parabola 64-bit.

How to reproduce: Start up Gajim and close all chat tabs. Double click on a contact which also runs Gajim so that you can initialise a video chat. Click "Video Session" to start a video chat.

Error log:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/gajim/common/", line 474, in _on_sync_message
AttributeError: 'GstXvImageSink' object has no attribute 'set_window_handle'
x264 [error]: baseline profile doesn't support 4:2:2

This occurs right after you click "Video Session".


  • gajim 1.1.2-1
  • gst-python 1.14.4-1
  • gst-plugins-bad 1.14.4-8.par1



Updated by bill-auger about 5 years ago

do you have 'x264' installed?

try installing the other gstreamer plugins


Updated by freemor about 5 years ago

Most likely a casualty of the recent x264 update I'll take a look


Updated by freemor about 5 years ago

Actually nope.. it comes from community so probably not that.

ani if you go help -> features -> highlight audio/video you'll see a list of required libs at the bottom. Please ensure you have all of those installed


Updated by freemor about 5 years ago

Actually an easier way is:

pacman -Qi gajim

make sure all the op-depends for "video/voice support" have an "[installed]"


Updated by freemor about 5 years ago

On a side note.. Jingle/XMPP is hell at the best of times I've only gotten it to work briefly a few times in all my time using XMPP

Server has to support it
firewalls have to ne set up right
jingle between different XMPP clients is iffy at best (i.e. you = gajim, then = some other XMPP client)

If you are really hot on debugging Gajim.. Cool go for it..
If all you are really after is a Voice/video chat with a friend

  • linphone/jitsi (SIP/ZRTP)
  • ring a.k.a jami (serverless SIP/ZRTP)
    - or -
  • qtox (P2P E2E-encrypted)

might give you far less of a headache.


Updated by ani about 5 years ago


None of the solutions you or bill-auger provided here solves the problem. Sure there are other similar programs but that's outside of this report.

Does this not happen for you?


Updated by freemor about 5 years ago

I can't test because I have no one with which to start a jingle video chat
I doubt the XMPP servers I have accounts on support Jingle

Suggesting the other clients was just a nod to the fact that you might need to get on with chatting before this got tracked down/fixed.

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