Bug #2284

[lbreakout2] Cannot be un‐paused

temporaryuser - 12 months ago - . Updated 11 months ago.

forwarded upstream
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If lbreakout2 game is paused, it cannot be un‐paused. If player is pressing pause key, game pauses again almost immediately.



Updated by freemor 12 months ago

  • Status changed from unconfirmed to confirmed

We do not package lbreakout2

Same behavior in fully up-to-date Archlinux VM

Please report upstream


Updated by bill-auger 12 months ago

for arch packages, usually a parabola dev will search the arch bug tracker for a related issue or open a new one, then link to it in the parabola BR, setting the issue status to "forwarded upstream"


Updated by temporaryuser 12 months ago

Arch Linux bug tracker:
Username: nousr123
Password: 12345678
E‐mail address: on


Updated by freemor 11 months ago

  • Status changed from confirmed to forwarded upstream

Updated by freemor 11 months ago

I went to the issue link above to check on this. There is one change.
Looks like Arch kicked this upstream.
That may be bad news because, as I understand it Lbreakout2 is no longer maintained
as there is now lbreakouthd which supports 16:9 screens

I have a working PKGBUILD of lbreakouthd. Checking the licensing but it all looks fine.
I'll do a little more checking and if all goes well commit it to PCR.


Updated by freemor 11 months ago

I've pushed lbreakouthd to [pcr-testing]
Test, Play, Let me know.

A remaining question.. if Lbreakout2 never gets fixed do we want to blacklist as "broken"
and list lbreakouthd as the replacement

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