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Update Iceweasel Wiki page

arshin - about 4 years ago - . Updated almost 4 years ago.

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Here are problems I see with this wiki page (it is locked for editing, so I can't edit it myself):
  • "Iceweasel is Firefox, rebranded by Debian project." - not anymore. Would be nice to put an explanation there on how Parabola team picked it up.
  • Version info is outdated
  • "Source code:" section is outdated - not just the package version, it points to an old (not relevant anymore?) git repo. New one (according to IRC discussion) is

I think Iceweasel is unique at the moment - it can run natively on Wayland (IceCat and other libre FF clones I looked at can't), it is based on fresh Firefox and it is libre. Project deserves a proper documentation and it would be nice to give developers more public cred.



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arshin wrote:

rebranded by Debian project

i think that is only saying that debian originally created the branding artwork, which is true AFAIK

looking at that article, it is really only about the branding and the history of firefox/iceweasel - that information is fully covered on wikipedia - also, the tarballs that it links to are only to the branding assets - theres not much need to continually update that page every time a new release comes out - id say, either just delete that article entirely or to re-write it completely, giving more details as to how it differs from firefox functionally - those are the reasons why it needs to be re-branded, and are far more important than who re-branded it or how

im not sure about wayland, if it works, or whether that is intentional or accidental

if you have some suggestions for how to re-word the article, add them to this BR if you like


Updated by arshin about 4 years ago

im not sure about wayland, if it works, or whether that is intentional or accidental

It does work, I'm using it all the time under Sway (with disabled xwayland).

Wikipedia page gives the impression that Iceweasel ceased to exist after Debian and Mozilla reached an agreement. Maybe Wikipedia page should be updated instead. "Parabola team continues to maintain the de-branded version of Firefox under the same name Iceweasel" or something.


Updated by arshin almost 4 years ago

I added a note to Wikipedia page (can't put the link here - Redmine complains about too many non-dictionary words).

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