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[icedove] branding issues in "About Icedove" GUI

eliotime3000 - 29 days ago - . Updated 29 days ago.

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The following message has been previously sent on the Icedove out-of-date form, but the maillist doesn't posted it. By the way, I must notify the update of Thunderbird source code avariable.

It contains many security fixes that improves the performance on GNU/Linux builds.

Also, the "About Icedove" windows, it just shows the logo (and the description of the sotware itself) and not the Icedove name.


PS: I forgot to report the outdated language packs. Please don't forget to update them.


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the web shows that someone marked that package "out of date" on 2019-05-22

there really three different issues here

1) icedove package update
2) email not working
3) a branding issue with the "About Icedove" GUI

i will change the topic of this issue to the third one for now - the packages web interface seems to be working as expected; but if there is a problem there or if something is broken with email that should have its own bug report on the 'Servers' category

what exactly did you expect to happen that did not happen ?


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i could also add that the description there could probably be edited to something more descriptive of parabola, reverted to its original mozilla state, or deleted entirely - those words are clearly describing mozilla - all of the hyper-links point to mozilla except for "parabola" which does nothing


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  • Subject changed from [icedove] missing logo in "About Icedove" GUI to [icedove] branding issues in "About Icedove" GUI

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