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Thunar in xfce

pisechka - 10 months ago - . Updated 10 months ago.

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1) Thunar copy files with worst path without backslash "\" before space.

2) And vim.desktop don't work in path with space/spaces.

3) Also how fix argument in .desktop files 'Terminal=true' that don't work in xfce.


vim.desktop (4.33 KB) vim.desktop pisechka, 2019-05-30 11:04 PM



Updated by bill-auger 10 months ago

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there seems to be three separate issues here

regarding spaces in the paths, generally i would advise not to have any spaces in your paths; but use underscores '_' or hyphens '-' instead - that is a common and an easily avoidable source of misbehavior - you can perhaps get it to work in the .desktop file by surrounding the path in "double-quotes"

im not sure about the other issues - for the third one, you can try running the .desktop file through the linter - if that does not pass validation, it could be the source of that problem

# pacman -S desktop-file-utils
$ desktop-file-validate ./the-desktop-file.desktop

for the first issue, can you give a clear example procedure of how someone else could reproduce the problem you see?


Updated by bill-auger 10 months ago

i dont see anything wrong in that screenshot - can you simply describe it with words? - what would i need to do to see the same problem on my computer?


Updated by pisechka 10 months ago

It's animation. Vim don't work with files by path have spaces, thunar take variable and copy in clipboard path without backslash.


Updated by bill-auger 10 months ago

ok i played the animation - one thing i can say off-hand, is that when you copy the filename with the mouse and paste into the terminal, you should not expect that to have back-slashes - that is the expected behavior - if you want it to work that way, you would need to wrap the filename in double-quotes like:

$ vim "/home/login/New Folder/New File"

the .desktop file was not shown for very long, and i could not see the Exec line very well - i dont think you need to use `xfce-terminal -e` though - probably `vim "%f"` would work with the 'Terminal=true' option

did you run the .desktop file through `desktop-file-validate` ?

where did that .desktop file come from? - did you make it yourself, or was it in the parabola package? - if you made it yourself, could you attach that vim.desktop file to this bug report ?


Updated by pisechka 10 months ago

Some days ago on parabola and archlinux all work correct. Copypaste was with backslash and worked. "Terminal=true" doesn't work every time for i use xfce. Vim.desktop from cp /usr/share/applications/vim.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/ and edited row.


Updated by pisechka 10 months ago

So, i have solution that problem. Need in .desktop file write:
Exec=exo-open --launch TerminalEmulator vim %F
But anyway there is a problem in work thunar with clipboard.
It seems to me that basically the problem is in the clipboard library patch.
Also "Terminal=true" in .desktop files anyway broken.


Updated by bill-auger 10 months ago

try installing the 'xterm' package - i think that will make "Terminal=true" work

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