Bug #2336

pacman2pacman process remain after terminating root tty session

arshin - over 4 years ago - . Updated over 4 years ago.

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After setting up pacman2pacman according to wiki, this is the behavior I get:

  1. log in to tty1 as regular user
  2. switch to tty2, log in as root
  3. in tty2 start pacman -Syu
  4. wait for completion, log out (Ctrl-D)
  5. switch back to tty1, run pgrep -l pacman2 - it will show several remaining pacman2pacman processes.

One inconvenience it causes is that systemctl suspend as a regular user stops working - complains about root being logged in on tty2.



Updated by bill-auger over 4 years ago

i can not reproduce this behavior

are you using openrc or systemd ?


Updated by arshin over 4 years ago

100% reproducible on my end - happens on every upgrade. Let me know what additional info I can provide.


Updated by bill-auger over 4 years ago

i found a subtle bug in pacman2pacman when the package has been downloaded previously, which causes several processes to start; but its not clear if that is a real problem, they all terminate halt just the same for me

i would try running pacman -Scc before installing some packages; and see if it exits gracefully then

trouble-shooting is difficult when one can not replicate the problem - if i could, i would add a bunch of debug traces to the script and see if it gets hung up anywhere


Updated by arshin over 4 years ago

Today's update:

  1. pacman -Scc # deleted all files
  2. pacman -Syu --ignore=android-file-transfer
    <successful upgrade of some packages>
  3. pgrep -l pacman2pacman-g | wc -l

Updated by arshin over 4 years ago

If you send me the pacman2pacman-get file (I see that it's just a bash script) with debug stuff - I can use that for a while and post logs.


Updated by arshin over 4 years ago

Here's a listing of those processes:

Also available in: Atom PDF