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[Wiki] RAS syndrome

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There is RAS syndrome in Wiki, at least 'LXDE desktop environment' in



Updated by bill-auger 12 months ago

really, i dont see that as redundant - ive ranted endlessly about this in the past, most notably regarding those who suggest that we refer to arch as "the Arch GNU/Linux distribution"

look at it this way: 'LXDE' and 'ArchLinux', are the formal names of a particular software projects - formal names very rarely express descriptions or purpose - names are important; but only for identification and distinction - product names may sometimes indicate functionality or purpose, vaguely, such as with catchy acronyms or jargon terms; but that is merely incidental - they should never be taken as being sufficiently descriptive - "desktop environment" and "GNU/Linux distribution" are more accurate descriptions of the general classes that those projects fall into

if someone were to ask: "what exactly is LXDE?", the answer should not be: "you should know that already by the letters in the project name" - the answer should be: "it is a desktop environment, one of many in its class"

likewise, if someone were to ask: "what exactly is ArchLinux?", the answer should not be: "how dumb are you? - its clearly a ... linux-ish thing-a-mo-bob" - the answer should be: "it is a variety of GNU/Linux operating system, one of many in its class"

of course those may not be completely satisfying answers - that someone may follow up those responses with: "ok, then what is a desktop environment?" or "what is an operating system?"; but at least some progress was made toward clarification, rather than simply throwing around acronyms and jargon

in conclusion, 'Firefox' is not a fox, and George Foreman probably never had the professional occupation of "foreman" - likewise, the sentence: "i once met a man named George Foreman", is not redundant


Updated by freemor 12 months ago

if you are referring to:

LXDE desktop environment

I think that is perfectly acceptable as many people do not know what LXDE stands for. Also the sentance would flow very badly without the "desktop environment".

Besides RAS happens for a reason.

As stated on Wikipedia:

the pure-logic ideal of zero redundancy is seldom maintained in human languages.
Bill Bryson says,[7] "Not all repetition is bad. It can be used for effect ...,
or for clarity, or in deference to idiom. 'OPEC countries', 'SALT talks' and
'HIV virus' are all technically redundant because the second word is already
contained in the preceding abbreviation, but only the ultra-finicky would deplore them.
Similarly, in 'Wipe that smile off your face' the last two words are tautological—there
is no other place a smile could be—but the sentence would not stand without them." 


Updated by Anonymous 12 months ago

Then say Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment?


Updated by bill-auger 12 months ago

sure, that is more detailed; but for now there only is one
desktop environment in any of the ISOs - that would be a very
good idea if there were also an ISO with a heavy-weight desktop


Updated by Anonymous 12 months ago

There was MATE.

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