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[icecat] please make tor button proxy DNS requests by default

espiropapa - 4 months ago - . Updated 4 months ago.

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privacy issue
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i have noticed that even though i have the tor button on with tor working, the DNS requests are not proxied by default. on one hand this has privacy implications, and on the other it implies not being able to visit onion services, that is something one would expect when being "torified".

at runtime, it is possible to alter that setting, either in the preferences panel (general -> network proxy settings -> proxy DNS when using SOCKS v5) or in about:config (network.proxy.socks_remote_dns -> set to true).

however i haven't found a way of make that configuration stick, and for me it's easy to forget to put that setting everytime i open the browser.

hope this can be fixed, thank you!



Updated by bill-auger 4 months ago

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there is a bug report on the icecat mailing list about this - i will mark this as 'forwarded upstream' for now

the user-defined settings should be remembered though - that could be a bug


Updated by freemor 4 months ago

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As I do not think we changed anything WRT the Tor Button plugin and a quick
looks show it does have some means to do this perhaps this should be pushed

I'll check first when I get a chance to be sure that this isn't an intentional
choice. As exit nodes can monitor traffic and as DNS is not by default
encrypted it may have been a conscious choice to leave this off.

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