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[lightspark][gnash-gtk] Dependencies

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When installing lightspark, I saw the following message:
`gnash-gtk: Gnash fallback support`
gnash-gtk is missing in Parabola. Maybe, add it?
Also, IIRC gtk2 dependency was removed from Lightspark.

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the main problem i found with lightspark now is that it will not compile with LLVM v7 or v8 - it only compiles with LLVM v6; which is likely to be deprecated from arch soon - the future of this package is mainly in the hands of upstream now

i will re-package it with the changes suggested in this BR; but it could as well become un-maintainable otherwise


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'lightspark' no longer requires gtk2; but i needed to add back 'cairo' and 'pango'

the upstream has released 0.8.2 which compiles successfully with LLVMv8 (issue #2401); so it's dependencies are satisfied now for the foreseeable future

the optional 'gnash-gtk' package was removed from the repos, though i could find no discussion nor explanation of why - as i understand from packaging 'lightspark', that it can only play files encoded with the newest versions of flash, and uses gnash to play files targeting the older versions - if that is the case, then neither program is complete without the other; and either they should both exist in the repos or neither should - for that reason, i suggest that gnash be brought back into the repos and made a hard dependency of 'lightspark', until someday if it is determined that neither one of them is useful to anyone

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