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[pulseaudio] Sound no longer working after update on Parabola OpenRC

ThisIsMyAccount - 3 months ago - . Updated 18 days ago.

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I have Parabola OpenRC on my Thinkpad X60. I updated all packages today, and since then, pulseaudio is no longer working correctly, even after a system reboot. Under pavucontrol, there is just a Dummy Output. This is also the case if I login with root.

I have checked all of the things I had to configure before to get pulseaudio working with OpenRC before, and it's all still there:

- I am a member of the audio group

- My /etc/pulse/client.conf has the content mentioned in



Updated by ThisIsMyAccount 3 months ago

I just noticed when exiting i3 that I see the following output on my screen:

E: [pulseaudio] Failed to open module /usr/lib/pulse-12.2/modules/ /usr/lib/pulse-12.2/modules/ undefined symbol: pa_alsa_ucm_device_update_available
E: [pulseaudio] module.c: Failed to open module "module-alsa-card"

This appears to be related to the issue.


Updated by freemor 3 months ago

Thanks for the error output. very useful.

pacman -Fo /usr/lib/pulse-12.2/modules/ -> is owned by extra/pulseaudio 12.2-2
pacman -Fo /usr/lib/pulse-12.2/modules/ -> is owned by extra/pulseaudio 12.2-2

So fom the error it isn't obviously related to anything Parabola.. I'll keep digging tho.
Is anyone else seein this issue?

I'll do a little more digging to be sure it's not us


Updated by ThisIsMyAccount 3 months ago

That's odd. I checked the packages I cached today and pulseaudio was not updated today on my machine. alsa-utils and alsa-lib were updated today, so I tried downgrading to the previous versions and it didn't seem to fix it.


Updated by ThisIsMyAccount 3 months ago

Okay, I just downgraded pulseaudio and libpulse as well to previous versions, and I was able to get my sound back for now. The packages I installed to fix the issue were as follows:


The following are the latest versions in Parabola OpenRC i686 that are NOT working together:

I do see that the version numbers of some of these packages seem to differ between i686 and x86_64. Would that be an issue at all?


Updated by freemor 3 months ago

Didn't relaize the x60 is i686.. let me go take a gander on my i686 rig


Updated by bill-auger 3 months ago

aside from arch='all' packages, i686 and x86_64 are separate
systems - the versions only need to be self-consistent - only
packages with arch='all' could pose any conflicts


Updated by freemor 3 months ago

I suspect what is going on with this one is that archlinux32 just pushed out a
whole bunch of updates. I suspect that in that some of the alsa/pulseaudio
libs got out of sync. I'm guessing more updates will be rolling over the next
few days. The checking I mentioned above got interupted by having to wait for
my poor i686 maching to install the 300+ updates.


Updated by ThisIsMyAccount about 2 months ago

I noticed that pulseaudio and libpulse are now at version 12.2-2.6, so I upgraded to those, and unfortunately I am still seeing the "dummy output" issue on i686


Updated by ThisIsMyAccount 18 days ago

Pretty sure this is resolved now. Installed pulseaudio 13.0 today and sound appears to be working again even after a reboot.


Updated by bill-auger 18 days ago

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excellent - bugs that fix themselves are the best kind

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