Bug #2526

Removed volumes are still displayed on desktop

Anonymous - 11 months ago - . Updated 11 months ago.

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When I insert some device which has partitions and mount them, icon appears on desktop. However, sometimes there are two icons and one is never removed until logging out even if device is physically removed. System is installed using Calamares from systemd Desktop complete iso.



Updated by bill-auger 11 months ago

is this about LXDE? - and is this about the LiveISO, or about the
installed system?


Updated by Anonymous 11 months ago

Yes. I only know about installed system, did not try on Live ISO.


Updated by freemor 11 months ago

I find my self wondering is this is a bug at all.

Yanking external media without informing the system (unmounting) is very bad practice

Depending on how the device was mounted there may even be stale mounts in /etc/mtab

This seems more like a case for user education then a bug.

Light DEs like XFCE often just have a very basic mount/unmount mechanisms.


Updated by bill-auger 11 months ago

see if it helps to install 'udiskie'

also check that the feature is enabled - open the pcmanfm file manager and use the menu to find:

edit -> preferences -> volume management

then make sure the 'mount removable media automatically' is checked

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