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[asar]: depends on electron

bill-auger - almost 3 years ago - . Updated almost 3 years ago.

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'asar' is just a re-packaging of the node package via `npm install --global` in the package() function - that pulls in electron fro the webby-web-web; so that electron does not appear in the depends() array - sneaky, huh

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Updated by bill-auger almost 3 years ago

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Updated by bill-auger almost 3 years ago

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Updated by eschwartz almost 3 years ago

That is a devDependency, it is not used in the PKGBUILD -- did you even check this?

Report a bug to archlinux for downloading the source code in package, fine. Blacklist the entire nodejs ecosystem because literally not one package ever builds without downloading at least something from the internet -- okay, I'm agreeable to that.

But don't say asar depends on electron unless it actually does.

I ASSURE you, there is no way ever under any circumstances ever, that a package with arch=('any') is downloading and installing some ELF binaries from the "webby-web-web". Or even packaging them at all.


Updated by bill-auger almost 3 years ago

i didnt mean for that to be so pedantic - im not sure if the
node package includes any binaries - i would have looked deeper
if i thought this was something that we could keep

the main thing is that this program appears to useful only for
the purpose of creating electron apps - even if electron is not
part of the packaged program itself and even if the PKGBUILD did
not download it, that would still be "suggesting" to use
electron by the FSDG guidelines, if the program has no other

if the program does have a valid use-case that does not
necessarily suggest electron then theres probably no problem
with bringing it back

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