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Torrent downloading issues

Anonymous - 9 months ago - . Updated 9 months ago.

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I want to download some files using BitTorrent protocol. I'm using packages qbittorrent and tribler but same issue prevents me from downloading almost anything.

After few seconds, download speed becomes very low. When I attempt to remove download, torrent software does nothing but cannot be stopped without force unmounting download destination device. Sometimes pcmanfm could become uninterruptible sleep when browsing download directories. Deleting files is too slow. I have tried two USB flash drives for downloads.



Updated by Anonymous 9 months ago

s/does nothing/couldn't delete files/


Updated by Anonymous 9 months ago

Same issue with Transmission.


Updated by freemor 9 months ago

Deleting the Torrent but not the file is expected behaviour for torrent clients. Set that way to keep fumble fingerfed users from deleting what they just downloaded.
there is usually a right click option or preferences setting to delete both.

Slowing down to a crawl after a couple of minutes is a Classic sign that your ISP is throttling bittorrent traffic. Especially if you see the same behaviour across multiple clients.


Updated by Anonymous 9 months ago

I enable file deletion when deleting download.

I don't think it is BitTorrent traffic throttling. Also, some downloads last for few minutes.

Another computer in same network (Trisquel 8, Transmission from Trisquel repositories) is downloading torrents without any issues.


Updated by Anonymous 9 months ago

The issue disappeared. I don't know why.

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