Bug #2612

syslog-ng locks up openrc on boot

iamo - about 4 years ago - . Updated almost 2 years ago.

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experiencing an issue with syslog-ng locking up openrc on boot. it'll hang at "starting local"

i saw on an artix forum recently that they also have the same issue with openrc, [[,1261.0.html]], and i guess they have two separate packages for openrc, one that locks up the boot process, and one that does not

you might be able to leave syslog-ng in the boot runlevel and start up fine, as a temporary work around, but i haven't gotten to actually testing



Updated by Drag0nFly almost 4 years ago

I have experienced similar behaviour as well – both for syslog-ng and also for Shorewall. In my opinion; no service should be allowed to hang the system indefinitely during boot - there has to be a way to configure OpenRC to bypass a problematic service (via a timeout) and continue bootup.

In my case this happened on my main gateway machine, causing all Internet access as well as the internal network to be b0rked due to a simple package upgrade. Since OpenRC also did not allow one to log in as it hangs on 'Starting local' (coupled with the fact that booting into single-user also was not possible), the outage caused by this issue was much longer than need be, and I had to manually remove the SSD to from the system (which is small and not at all easily accesible) in order to chroot to it and resolve the issue.


Updated by bill-auger almost 4 years ago

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i would suggest using systemd for a box which is essential or difficult to access physically


Updated by Zuss almost 2 years ago

Tested with syslog-ng v3.36.1 and syslog-ng-openrc 20170927
Added the syslog-ng service to the sysinit runlevel and it booted without stalling or errors. I've also tested this on the boot runlevel and it launches without issue. Perhaps this was something wrong with the syslog-ng package at the time?
The initd file used is from 2017 but on a brief comparison to the current master branch, it appears not a whole lot has changed.

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