Privacy Issue #2623

Privacy Issue #2619: Refactor [nonprism]

Housekeeping #2626: Create a consice requirement specification for packages in "your-privacy"

Re-evaluate nonprism-packages which remove addon or access to non-free service

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In addition to #2622 the following packages are on your-privacy-blacklist.txt because they have addons to and/or use non-free services:
Package Replacement in [nonprism] Notes
bitlbee x provides support for MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, Twitter
bti x supports Twitter service
california x supports Google Calendar
caprine Package is no longer in any repo, Facebook chat client, no encryption whatsoever
choqok x support Twitter service
darktable x depends of flickcurl
duplicity x optional depends of python2-boto
finch x pidgin console
flickcurl only useful with Flickr service
gnome-online-accounts x provides support for Google, Facebook, Windows Live and Microsoft Exchange and Flickr (keep only ownCloud, imap and smtp)
gthumb x contains support for Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and Photobucket
icedove x removed nonfree search engines
jitsi x remove support for unsafe and dangerous for privacy protocols (AIM, Facebook, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN and Yahoo!)
kdepim-addons x depends of libkgapi (Google API)
kdepim-runtime x depends of libkgapi (Google API)
kipi-plugins x remove libkvkontakte support
kmail depends of pim-storage-service-manager and contains support to check URLs with Phishing Google System
libgadu only useful with Gadu-Gadu service
libkgapi useful just with Google services
libkvkontakte only useful with VK (VKontakte) service
minitube requires to create a "Browser Key" at
openshot x provides Youtube uploader support (Note: It has support for registered users only)
pork provides support for AOL
pptpclient Client for Microsoft Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol
python2-boto only useful with Amazon Web Services (AWS)
python2-dropbox package does no longer exist, replacement in [community] is python-dropbox
s3cmd only useful with Amazon S3
sylpheed x has an entry for gmail in its accounts wizard

The question whether services are free or not was discussed by RMS [1]. The short answer:

Thus, we don't have a rule that free systems shouldn't use (or shouldn't depend on) services (or sites) implemented with nonfree software.
However, they should not depend on, suggest or encourage use of services which are SaaSS; use of SaaSS needs to be replaced by use of free software

Therefore putting all those replacement packages to [libre] does not seem the right way to me.
In contrary: Having such packages/blacklist could absolutely fit into a "privacy-enhanced" repo.




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