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rstudio-desktop and libboost_date_time

Iolo - over 1 year ago - . Updated 3 months ago.

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After installing rstudio-desktop from pcr, I tried to run the program. I got the error message in the attached file.

Peeking into the libraries on my machine, I saw that the version of that file is 1.72.0 and not 1.66.0, so it looks like the packaged rstudio is looking for an outdated library file.


error_rstudio-desktop.txt (1.59 KB) error_rstudio-desktop.txt monomono, 2020-04-08 10:50 PM



Updated by bill-auger over 1 year ago

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thanks for noticing - ima not even verify this one manually - the build date is Jan 2018; so it almost certainly needs re-building - it specifies a minimum 'boost-libs', but not a maximum; so we should probably pin this package to the current 'boost-libs' version


Updated by monomono over 1 year ago

I try makepkg say that error:


Updated by theova over 1 year ago

Newer version of rstudio-desktop depend on qt-webengine (see Packaging Request #1461: [rstudio] add to PCR).
As a result, rstudio cannot be updated to the newest version.

I tried to build rstudio version 1.1.463 - without success. I get the same error as you.


Updated by bill-auger 3 months ago

this one is being quite pesky - the 'boost_signals' problem remains - some have suggested that the lib has been renamed to 'boost_signals2'l but that gives the same error

in addition to the last version which was compiled against webkit (v1.1.463), i also tried the latest version (with webkit instead of webengine); but it has unsatisfyable dependencies from the AUR

  • java-environment=8
  • patchelf>=0.9
  • r-testthat

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