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Iceweasel add-on issues

sseneca - about 2 months ago - . Updated about 2 months ago.

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The past couple releases of Iceweasel have had issues with installing add-ons.

1. Searching for add-ons through the box in the "Add-ons Manager" searches Parabola's repos rather than Mozilla's. Parabola doesn't package the vast majority of Firefox add-ons and even with those it does they're often (always, as far as I can tell) out of date (i.e. ublock origin:

2. Actually installing an add-on from Mozilla's add-ons page results in the error "The add-on could not be downloaded because of a connection failure". It's as if the domain isn't trusted any more -- before the aforementioned error message, the browser prompts the user with a "make sure you trust this domain" message, which it never usually used to do.

I'm not sure if these changes, particularly the second, are actually bugs or if they were implemented on purpose. I certainly hope they're bugs, since the combination of the two makes the browser pretty unusable.



Updated by bill-auger about 2 months ago

iceweasel will not lead to the mozilla add-ons website; and
it never has - that is because the FSDG does not permit
referring users to websites where non-free software can be
easily found and installed - if some add-on package is
out-of-date, that is rarely a critical problem - most of the
time it will do the same job that it always did, with no trouble
- of course, it can be updated at any time, either by parabola
devs, or by any parabola user; but if it's not broken, and
contains no known vulnerabilities, there is usually very little
noticeable value in the updated version - getting them all up
to date is just a matter of priorities - please do nag the
parabola devs to get new ones added, and your favorites up to
date - the more that people nag about any specific package, the
higher it becomes in priority

I'm not sure if these changes, particularly the second, are
actually bugs or if they were implemented on purpose.

it is difficult to answer that question regarding the mozilla
things - nearly every new release of those programs does things
that it "never usually used to do"; and that new thing is very
often broken on arrival - in any case, if it was done
intentionally, it was probably done by mozilla - we have no
particular reason to change the behavior of any program unless a
new freedom or privacy issue is found - AFAIAC, it would be
ideal if mozilla never added any new features - then this
question would never come up again

it should be possible to install add-ons from the mozilla
website if people want them; so there is a bug indicated in this
ticket, which should be investigated - is is possible to install
the add-on after the "trust this domain" prompt ?


Updated by grizzlyuser about 2 months ago

1. This change has been initiated by me in [1], because Parabola follows GNU FSDG [2], which says:

Nor should the distribution refer to third-party repositories that are not committed to only including free software; even if they only have free software today, that may not be true tomorrow. Programs in the system should not suggest installing nonfree plugins, documentation, and so on.

As (AMO) contains non-free software (see [3]), it can be considered as non-FSDG compliant third-party repository, so it has been replaced by the compliant one. If there's better alternative, I'd like to know that too.

2. I've just installed iceweasel 1:74.0-2.parabola1 on a clean brand new installation of Parabola x86_64, headed to AMO and installed Ublock Origin successfully. So works for me. Please check that on clean Iceweasel profile and make sure your system is up to date, to eliminate problems with certificates, for example.



Updated by sseneca about 2 months ago

Thanks for your replies.

Trusting the domain wouldn't fix the issue, but I have figured out why after a tiny bit of investigation. The issue remained in trust but that did not break things on its own, and so vanilla Iceweasel profiles work fine. The reason it broke for me in particular is because I use uMatrix. uMatrix usually does not block Mozilla URLs but that's changed (I'm guessing as a result of a change in the trust of that URL) and so it wouldn't install until I let it connect to

And as for add-ons being updated on the Parabola repos, I prefer having all my add-ons from one source, so I don't really see the value in them being hosted on the Parabola repos. Surely it's just extra work/bloat? Even if they aren't updated regularly.


Updated by bill-auger about 2 months ago

  • Status changed from unconfirmed to not-a-bug

the repos of your distro should be that "one source" for all software - installing software from any other source can cause problems; as that last message demonstrates

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