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[community] source repo not found (armv7)

Time4Tea - 3 months ago - . Updated 3 months ago.

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Hi, I seem to be unable to access source file packages for the [community] repo. I wanted to download the PKGBUILD for the armv7 libvirt-python package; however, this link on the package page says ' path not found '.



Updated by freemor 3 months ago

Community PKGBUILDS would come for what ever upstream is for that Architecture.

The asp command will let you get the PKGBUILDS from Archlinux's community

Tweaks to those made by ArchLinux on Arm can be found in this git

hope that helps


Updated by freemor 3 months ago

Forgot to mention that for i686 the asp exectuable is renamed to asp32 which is a little confusing as the package is still called asp


Updated by Time4Tea 3 months ago

freemor thanks very much again, this is very helpful. I will use asp to download the PKGBUILDS for the packages I would like to try rebuilding myself.


Updated by Time4Tea 3 months ago

Hmm ... asp on my Chromebook doesn't seem to be able to find the armv7 version of libvirt-python (only x86-64). Could that be because it is searching Arxh Linux and not Arch Linux Arm?


Updated by freemor 3 months ago

IIUC Archlinux on ARM only publishes changed builds to the GIT i mentioned if they tweakes the package beyond adding 'armv7h' to the arch=() line
So if it's not in the git just modify the arch=() and build.


Updated by bill-auger 3 months ago

im pretty sure that asp for x86_64 is only going to index arch packages - you would need to install asp for ARM for the ARM PKGBUILDs

that being said, i just recently added asp to the ticket dealing with TPPM - it probably should be blacklisted and not be recommended at all


Updated by Time4Tea 3 months ago

bill-auger is there a separate asp for ARM? The one I am using is on my armv7 Chromebook, downloaded from the Extra repository.


Updated by bill-auger 3 months ago

yes thats exactly correct - that package comes from archlinuxarm

everything in armv7h [core], [extra], and [community] comes
directly from the archlinuxarm project

everything in i686 [core], [extra], and [community] comes
directly from the archlinux32 project

everything in x86_64 [core], [extra], and [community] comes
directly from the archlinux project


Updated by Time4Tea 3 months ago

Ok. So the version of asp coming from ALARM seems to be faulty then, because it is checking the Arch Linux site for x86_64, rather than ALARM?


Updated by bill-auger 3 months ago

im not sure about the abs package, or if there is a git repo; but
they do publish their PKGBUILDs on the website - in essence,
this ticket could be considered as a freedom issue and a feature
request - that is, we really should blacklist the abs package
because it indexes and allows downloading of recipes for non-free
software - if there is a way to get the PKGBUILDs in bulk, we
could import them and filter them, and maybe even make a custom
abs package


Updated by bill-auger 3 months ago

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