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RTL8821CE Wifi Driver

Nooser - 10 months ago - . Updated 10 months ago.

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I want to try Parabola OS but i can't find the RTL8821CE driver in parabola repository
when i was installing easier Arch distro, Arch repository did not have any too
but I got the driver from Arch User Repository
So, can someone on Parabola OS project make it available or maybe give me guidance how to add Arch User Repository repository on Parabola OS ?
Thank You


rtl8821ce AUR repository (55 Bytes) rtl8821ce AUR repository link Nooser, 2020-04-08 06:57 AM



Updated by freemor 10 months ago

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A quick search show that the software required to run this device is non-free (as in freedom) and as such can not/will not be added to Parabola.

I'd strongly suggest getting a libre supported WiFi device or using your ethernet port for the time being.

Sadly Non-free WiFi firmware is probably the largest stumbling block for people trying to move to a libre OS.


Updated by bill-auger 10 months ago

this may actually be free software - i took a quick look at the upstream sources; and there are a bunch of .c files in the 'core/' and 'hal/' dirs, and a Makefile, and the PKGBUILD has GPL as the license

there is o/c the caveat that linux-libre will not load it - it would need to be vetted by libre-libre first, and included in the modules package before parabola users could make use of it with 'your-freedom' in place


Updated by freemor 10 months ago

from my searchings Debian has it in non-free there seems to be a firmware file that need to be downloaded separately from the kernel mabules in some of the manual set-ups. I looked at. I'm guessing the firmware blob is the non-free part as that would follow the usual WiFi pattern libre kernel modules/ nonfree firmware blob to load into the chipset.

I'll take a gander at the PKGBUILD list tomorrow.. perhaps things have changed a bit. Maybe some reversed it?


Updated by Nooser 10 months ago

thank you guys
i hope it will works

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