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Freedom issue #972: TeXLive freedom verification

Re-evaluate [texlive-latexextra]

theova - 3 months ago - . Updated 9 days ago.

freedom issue
% Done:



   # remove nonfree packages
   # no specific free license
   rm -v {authoraftertitle,clock,fnpara}.tar.xz
   # nonfree license (CC BY-NC)
   rm -v axessibility.tar.xz


   # remove nonfree packages references from package list
   sed -ri '/^(axessibility|authoraftertitle|fnpara) /d' CONTENTS
Looking at the removed packages, I found the following:
  • The non-free package "axessibility" was removed from texlive, see [1]
  • The package "authoraftertile" is "realeased to the public domain" [2]
    which qualifies it as beeing a free package.
  • The package "clock" is apparently free and has not to be removed [3]
  • The package "fnpara" has a copyright AND is included under the LaTeX Project
    Public License v1.3 or later

So all of them are free. I suggest to distribute them. As a consequence, Parabola's PKGBUILD would not have significant changes compared to Arch's PKGBUILD.
I suggest to un-blacklist [texlive-latexextra].




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I checked all four of the packages named above and your assessment seems to be correct.

I have checked the pkgbuild, and there is one more trivial batch script removed from the package, but that does not constitute a freedom issue.

I'll wait for a second opinion on this, but I think we can unblacklist this as well.


Updated by oaken-source 3 months ago

I retract my statement. the issue here is the declaration of code into the public domain, which, depending on the circumstances, may be void:


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so this ticket can be closed?

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