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Given the lack of good SIP softphones in Parabola repos (, I think it might be helpful to consider packaging Twinkle. It has few small dependencies (c++ libraries) that would also need to be maintained (libilbc, ccrtp and libzrtpcpp), but it's not a big mess like with linphone. It seems to be licensed under GPLv2.0.

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Updated by rlgh over 3 years ago

I suggest building it without the ilbc support, because it doesn't seem to compile with the free library (the recommended one is non-free).


Updated by bill-auger over 3 years ago

FWIW there are two SIP phones in the parabola repos that i know
of: jami and jitsi


Updated by freemor over 3 years ago

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Took a look at this

Easy to build.
Only 2 missing depends. both easy to build and part of the GNU SIP stack so licensing is most likely fine.
both are trivial to build.
ilbc easy to turn off.

No Video support. This is purely a VoIP not a video chat.
Works well.
More testing required..
Does it build for arm/i686?
Are people still interested given no video?
Need to test the ZRTP with another party to be sure it works.

Reasons we might go with this:
jitsi is a increasingly complicated to build thing with little to no love from upstream
linphone went bye-bye due to crazy depends
Jami, is still quite buggy and not moving forward as quickly as one might like.

Reasons not to build: - now supported in iceweasel due to lots of parabola dev love
Tox clients work fine for me. (They are my goto daily messenger and Video chat have been since linphone went bye-bye) and there are several in the repos already
pjsua - cli client probably does about the same a Twinkle and is in the repo already (Tho I don't recall it supporting ZRTP)

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