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u-boot: improve .install and support different boot medias

GNUtoo - almost 4 years ago - . Updated almost 4 years ago.

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  • Subject changed from u-boot: improve install and support different uses cases to u-boot: improve .install and support different boot medias
  • Make it more generic: share the main part of the code.
  • Check for the machine name with the device tree and ask for confirmation. Ff the machine is not the same but don't prevent users from installing this bootloader on a totally different machine as the installation could be done in a chroot or in other ways that packagers cannot predict.
  • Handle more than one boot device (microSD, eMMC, SATA, USB/UART, etc)
    • Package tools for booting from USB, and document how to do it.
  • Point to the device documentation if there is some
We probably need to look at how other upstream distributions are dealing with having more than 1 boot media:
  • GuiX has u-boot packages
  • Debian has u-boot pacakges
  • Arch Linux ARM may or may not have u-boot packages

In the case of GRUB, users manually run grub-install. Though I'm unsure how GRUB is supposed to be updated. It would be interesting to look into it too (find if there is a message when GRUB is upgraded, look if it's possible to auto-detect it, etc).

edit1: fix bullet points
edit2: Add SATA, UART, USB boot specificities

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