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[xdg-utils] recommends using nonfree browsers

jos - about 1 year ago - . Updated about 1 year ago.

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The man page of xdg-settings(part of the package xdg-utils) recommends using nonfree software, namely the firefox and chrome.
I think the examples should be modified or deleted.


xdg-settings (584 Bytes) xdg-settings jos, 2020-07-25 06:58 PM



Updated by bill-auger about 1 year ago

this area looks very grey to me - those are only examples of how
the program can be used - such examples are rarely intended to
be used verbatim; but usually to show which bits one would
replace, in order to do what one actually wants to do - in this
case, that is to replace the reference to the *.desktop files,
with one that you do have and want to set as the default handler

"recommends" would be the key word per the FSDG - it is something
of a leap to go from a demonstration to a recommendation - those
examples are generally intended such as: "if you wanted to do
something like this, this contrived example is what the command
would look like, in some hypothetical case"

xdg-settings check default-web-browser firefox.desktop 
xdg-settings set default-web-browser google-chrome.desktop

even if a parabola user wanted to do what exactly either of
those particular command demonstrate, both of those example
commands would fail on parabola; because no parabola package
installs those .desktop files, which would be necessary for
the commands to be useful - we hope that every parabola user
knows, that it is never recommended to install any software
that is not in the parabola repos

the question boils down to: "would anyone reading those words,
be persuaded to install one of those programs because of those
words?" - it more clearly would, if those were followed by:
"you need to install google-chrome in order for that command
to work properly" - its just a shame that the "free desktop"
project would use such a non-free example - it would be more
interesting to see how they would handle this bug report, IMHO

that just my first impression, and based on the most strict
interpretation of the FSDG - there are many such grey area that
could be discussed


Updated by bill-auger about 1 year ago

/me wonders if we could modify 'your-freedom' to manage small edits like this, rather than maintaining entire packages for trivial changes, such as deleting a single file, or replacing few words - if so, there are probably many such packages, which could be liberated without the maintenance burden

sed 's|google-chrome|YOUR-FAVORITE|'

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