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mesa-demos contains unlicensed or non-free files

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currently one such example discovered does not specify whether it's MIT or some other "free" license




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the upstream sources have no license file - it is a collection of files from many authors - some mentioning "public domain", some mentioning "all rights reserved" - the current documentation on the mesa website has the license of mesa as: MIT1; but makes it clear that other components have their own licenses - mesa-demos is not part of the main package - it is an external compononent in a separate git repo, with a separate release tarball - the mesa website documentation specifies the license for each component; but the demos are not on that list - after the list, it has only:

"In general, consult the source files for license terms."

the license file in the arch package2 appears to be copied from a web page that no longer exists

the LOSTDNRTFSDG3, which the parabola blacklist has for a bug reference, has a URL to the ubuntu license file in the package4 (and5), which also was apparently copied from a different web page, that also no longer exists - [5] is the current URL:

both of those supposed "license files" only mention: "see source files", for anything in the src/demos/ and src/xdemos/ directories - they do and do not mention the
src/egl/ directory - which means that LICENSE file in the arch package (and the ubuntu package), neither are actually licenses, do not even apply to most of the source package

[4]: (dead link)

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