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Create P2P mirror infrastructure

fauno - about 11 years ago - . Updated about 1 year ago.

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P2P is always cool :D

This would include:

  • Create .torrent for every package with all parabola mirrors as webseeds
  • Create a pacman XFerCommand that downloads and seeds packages sending the .torrent files to a torrent client (transmission-daemon or others, and also manages seeding policies)

"Seeding policies" meaning upload limit, for how long, etc. transmission-daemon can be configured to seed up until a given ratio or stop after a certain time of inactivity, etc.

Instead of adding all mirrors as webseeds the .torrent creation script could pick three at random...


Bug #551: Support sharing packages in the pacman cache directory placed there without pacman2pacmanopen

dbscripts - Bug #569: The torrent making code should be integrated into the other repo scriptsopen




Updated by bill-auger almost 5 years ago

  • Project changed from Servers to pacman2pacman

Updated by fauno almost 5 years ago

+1 but I'd try first without webseeds. IMO webseeds are not P2P, just download acceleration. A P2P mirror would be seeded by Parabola's community :)

I've downloaded ISOs for other distros, when they have webseeds, no one else seeds them.

Are we sure transmission-daemon is able to seed all of the packages at the same time? What if the torrent would be multi-file, containing the changes between now and the previous torrent? That way you could also help seed less used packages, no?


Updated by fauno almost 5 years ago

ha! it was my own report... i thought it was from bill :P


Updated by bill-auger almost 5 years ago

  • Status changed from open to in progress

i just moved this report to the pacman2pacman project - i assume this issue was the original basis for the idea of pacman2pacman

the reason it caught my attention was that i did a reverse sort on all issues - this turned up as the oldest open issue in the system - now that pacman2pacman exists i suppose this issue should be closed - or is pacman2pacman still "in progress" ?

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