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Onion service

sdfoijsaodif - almost 3 years ago - . Updated almost 3 years ago.

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I'm afraid of RIAA doing major attack on the Internet to prevent distribution of free software, due to recent youtube-dl news.

Consider setting up onion service, so if they shut down, users can still reach you.



Updated by freemor almost 3 years ago

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This is seriously on the alarmist side. The RIAA making a DCMA claim against youtube-dl definitely does not equal RIAA is out to get rid of all free software.
That is a rather large leap in logic there.

I actually opened the BR wondering that the benefit of a public project having an onion address would be. I do not see this as a convincing reason to set one up.

I'm not against the idea if it has some true value. Tor Hidden Services aren't hard to set up. But given Parabolas desire to do everthing in the open, I struggle to think of an advantage to us setting up a THS.


Updated by freemor almost 3 years ago

Also strictly mechanically speaking. If the RIAA managed to convice Parabolas hosting provider to offline the Parabola server that'd take down the hidden onion service too. As it would just be an onion address pointing at the same server.

The only way to prevent that would be to set up a second super secret server. Host the hidden service there.. Then write all the tooling to sync the two servers in near real time. And that would be getting into a rather big ask.


Updated by bill-auger almost 3 years ago

as i noted on your previous request regarding privacy, no
users ever need to connect to the parabola servers, in order to
use parabola, download packages, or to communicate with the dev
team - all of those things can be accomplished via mirrors,
email, and IRC - only mirrors would need to be concerned about
accessing the parabola infrastructure directly

beyond that, pacman2pacman was conceived as the user-friendly
fallback mechanism, in the unlikely event that parabola lost
hosting and mirrors - i believe that already satisfies this

if the pacman2pacman network were strengthened, then parabola
users themselves could keep the packages flowing

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