Porting #2948

[blender]: FTBS for 32-bit arches

bill-auger - about 3 years ago - .

forwarded upstream
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i compiled the latest blender release for i686 - it seems to be working properly, although i had to make a very crude and possibly naughty change to the source (see: the block below # FIXME: error: implicit declaration of function ‘atomic_add_and_fetch_uint64’)

there is a better patch upstream; but it is not clear if it will be accepted, or if it is a complete fix at all - the OP of the merge request, states that the change is necessary, but not sufficient to compile on i686 - that is clearly not true though - i compiled it and it runs, with no apparent problems - i asked about that, and my ugly patch; but there is yet no response, so i open this ticket for the sake of documentation

on a related discussion on the blender forum, someone indicated that this value must be 64-bit; so i am hesitant to publish the i686 package, although it appears to be working perfectly

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