Bug #2956

Bug #2946: Broken python packages after 3.9 upgrade

/usr/bin/python3: No module named Reflector

sseneca - almost 2 years ago - . Updated 7 months ago.

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When I try to use `reflector` on the Libre repositories, I get that error.

I'm guessing it just needs to be rebuilt to the new Python version 3.9, but I could be wrong.



Updated by sseneca almost 2 years ago

Yeah, just downloaded the PKGBUILD and rebrand patch, built it, and it's working fine now. So it just needs a rebuild.


Updated by bill-auger almost 2 years ago

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yes, many python packages are due for a rebuild this week - thanks for verifying that it works


Updated by gap 7 months ago

I am getting this error now.
Should all the Python packages be set to to rebuild automatically after Python is upgraded?


Updated by bill-auger 7 months ago

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Updated by bill-auger 7 months ago

the thing about automated packaging, is that most of those
package would never be tested - it is not the ideal situation -
bugs would appear for unknown reasons, which makes them more
difficult to fix - where as, like this one, the reason for the
bug is more obvious, and so it is easier to fix

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