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[nmap]: [GNU-linux-libre] Issues with NMAP changing license

bill-auger - 5 months ago - . Updated 3 months ago.

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'nmap' has been blacklisted and downgraded to v7.80 in [libre], per request by the FSF1 - v7.90 has a non-free license - the FSF is working with the upstream to remedy the situation



Updated by gap 3 months ago

For now, nmap has applied its v7.80 license to v7.90 and v7.91.


I don't know whether the Arch package has updated to this or uses the license considered proprietary, however. A repackage using the v7.80 license on v7.91 may be required.

The v7.80 license was not the GNU GPLv2, as everyone presumably thought it was; it was actually a custom license derived from the GPL2.

I don't know if anyone has actually audited that custom v7.80 license to ensure it is free, although nobody has seemingly noticed it wasn't GPL2 for years.

nmap also seems to be planning to switch to a different license in the future.


Updated by bill-auger 3 months ago

at this point, its not important what arch does - the FSF has
made an explicit request, that we hold at v7.80 until they make
a decision

people have noticed now, that most of the problems with the new
license, were present in the original license too - it may turn
out that parabola should never have had nmap in the first place

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