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[linux-libre] Critical hangs with nouveau 2D acceleration under 5.10

biovoid - about 1 month ago - . Updated about 1 month ago.

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When 2D acceleration is enabled through nouveau (default), the computer freezes and becomes unresponsive. Occasionally remote access is still possible, but this is not always the case. In most cases, I wasn't doing anything particularly graphically intensive. In one instance, it locked up while I was away, simply streaming audio from the machine.

Adding the kernel parameter `nouveau.noaccel=1` prevents this failure.
Kernel logging on this failure is hit-or-miss... sometimes I get a `kmem_cache_alloc_trace` (as seen in the attached log) and others the logs stop after the line following `general protection fault, probably for non-canonical address`.

I spent some time running through some nouveau tweaks with a developer in #nouveau—they ultimately concluded that it is not a nouveau bug, and that nouveau is simply getting hosed by another problem (see a similar trace for btrfs in the kernel log).

I first encountered this at least a year ago, but at the time simply disabled 2d accel... as such, I am not sure what the first affected version is. Nonetheless, I have yet to run into this using the LTS kernel, thus my belief that this is a kernel issue.

My GPU is a GeForce GTX 670 (Kepler)

Attached are a (truncated; see note for full text) kernel log (with `drm.debug=14 log_buf_len=16M`, per nouveau debug suggestions), Xorg log, and my (minimal) Xorg config.


kernel_trunc.log (10.6 KB) kernel_trunc.log biovoid, 2021-01-31 05:06 PM
Xorg.0.log (63.2 KB) Xorg.0.log biovoid, 2021-01-31 05:06 PM
20-nouveau.conf (99 Bytes) 20-nouveau.conf biovoid, 2021-01-31 05:07 PM
kernel.log.tar.gz (93 KB) kernel.log.tar.gz biovoid, 2021-01-31 07:48 PM



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Attaching full kernel log for reliability of access


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