Bug #2979

[qtcreator] warning: cannot resolve "clang=10.0.1", a dependency of "qtcreator"

Marx.FelipeForte - over 1 year ago - . Updated over 1 year ago.

% Done:



resolving dependencies...
warning: cannot resolve "clang=10.0.1", a dependency of "qtcreator" 
:: The following package cannot be upgraded due to unresolvable dependencies:

:: Do you want to skip the above package for this upgrade? [y/N] n
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: unable to satisfy dependency 'clang=10.0.1' required by qtcreator



Updated by GNUtoo over 1 year ago

I've already pushed the updated PKGBUILD and I've already started building the packages.

While the result seems to work I'd need someone to make sure that qtcreator really works fine as I made a change I'm not totally sure of.

The background information is that many packages using Qt are built with qt5-webengine support which in turn depends on chromium.

The Chromium source code consist of a combination of a lot of files and git repositories from many different projects. Given the amount of files and repositories (probably hundreads at least), it's too much time consuming to audit it to know under which license it is under, if it contains nonfree code, or if it's even legal to redistribute (incompatible licenses could make it illegal to redistribute).

There are various attempts and approaches to solve this issue, but in the meantime, we ended rebuilding the packages that depended on qt5-webengine to remove the dependency on qt5-webengine. Many packages work fine without that as it's often used for less important features.

Over time various project are starting to also make qt5-webengine optional so we don't always need to patch them (and maintaining too many patches is time consuming).

Here I removed the patch to remove qt5-webengine and it compiled fine, still it will need testing when I'll have pushed the packages.


Updated by GNUtoo over 1 year ago

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Updated by GNUtoo over 1 year ago

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I'm asumming it's since it started fine when I tried.

Feel free to reopen the bug if there is any issues.


Updated by Marx.FelipeForte over 1 year ago

I'm sorry for not responding earlier, I had a busy week. I've just received an e-mail notification about the thread and after testing it, I can say it now works. Thanks!

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