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how about some visual for front homepage

telur - 16 days ago - . Updated 5 days ago.

% Done:



would be nice to add some visual to make visitor more engaged and welcoming in parabola homepage
maybe called it homesplash ?
its cool i guess if there is something new and appealing once a time we go to parabola homepage

i made an initial homesplash using adaptive two images that looks good if truncated portrait and landscape display
the rest maybe just need to add wiki snipplet to automaticaly center the image

sourcefiles are in attachment
example mockup are in forums
if you want me to make specific size png or else, just reply!


homesplash.svg (1.37 MB) homesplash.svg telur, 2021-02-15 06:06 PM



Updated by bill-auger 5 days ago

people have suggested similar ideas before, such as an entirely
new snazzy website; but no one has followed through and made
anything useful - a formal feature request is great; but of
course, someone need to do the work

i made a new downloads page last year; but it could use some
beautifying - i made it mainly for practical reasons; but did not
put it into use yet - web design is not the highest priority for
my time; so i never polished it enough that it was any more
eye-pleasing than the existing one

there are many other design tasks that parabola needs to be done
- theres no space to add anything to the existing home page though
- that would stay as it is, at another URL - it would need to be a
new complete web page - if you have the skills and the time, thats
great - i would take the time to install it, if we get something
nice and complete


Updated by telur 5 days ago

its okay

if anyone interested i could lend some help and suggestion in design

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