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[deepin-wallpapers][deepin-community-wallpapers]: Incorrect license

gap - almost 3 years ago - . Updated 8 months ago.

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The package is incorrectly labelled as "GPL". In reality, the images it distributes are nonfree, licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0.



Updated by bill-auger almost 3 years ago

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this appears to be a combination of sloppy licensing upstream, and sloppy auditing on part of the arch packager

the README for the the arch package version (1.7.7), does not mention any licenses; but there is a GPL license file included - a GPL license file is meaningless on it's own; so these images should have been considered to be no-license

the README for the current release (1.7.8) clarifies this, stating that the license for the 'deepin-wallpapers' package should be CC-BY-NC 3.0; and CC-BY-SA 3.0 for the 'deepin-community-wallpapers' package

the README explains that the GPL covers the source code files; but there is no source code in that repository, other than the debian packaging litter and the trivial commands in the Makefile, which the arch packages exclude anyways

i added both 'deepin-wallpapers' and 'deepin-community-wallpapers' to the blacklist for now; because the set of 'community' files appears to be completely different than the new ones with declared CC-BY-SA licence - if/when 'deepin-community-wallpapers' is upgraded to 1.7.8, it could be removed from the blacklist - CC-BY-NC is a non-free license, so 'deepin-wallpapers' is probably there to stay

i opened a BR against the arch packages to clarify the licenses

there is a feature request upstream, asking to re-license; but i dont expect that to go anywhere, so i am closing this ticket - this ticket is the bug reference for the blacklist entries; so it could be revisited if necessary


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Updated by gap over 1 year ago

It looks like they did implement a fix; they moved all the nonfree images to a new repo:

However, another issue remains.
Despite being released under libre licenses, the images were obviously drawn in an image editor, but they do not provide any source files (e.g. GIMP project files).
As the images have no complete and corresponding source, and are not built from source at build-time, they are still nonfree.

We can update the blacklist reason for deepin-wallpapers accordingly to something along the lines of: "libre licenses but missing source files"

Also, the deepin-wallpapers package is outdated in Arch, and Arch have not adopted the -nonfree one either, which we will have to blacklist if they do.


Updated by bill-auger 8 months ago

the upstream has clarified the licensing recently - the VCS is still a mixed bag, but the GPL is now clearly not the license of any images - the images are all CC-BY-4.0 now - i suppose that should be the PKGBUILD license for the next release (fixed upstream) (still open)


Updated by bill-auger 8 months ago

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re-opening, because this is the blacklist BR reference - once arch upgrades to the next release, 'deepin-wallpapers' can be restored - probably 'deepin-community-wallpapers' still will not be acceptable

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