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[thunderbird-i18n-kk] Icedove language packs already exist

eliotime3000 - 22 days ago - . Updated 22 days ago.

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Icedove language packs already exists.



Updated by bill-auger 22 days ago

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eliotime3000 - you are using the icedove in [libre-testing]? - did you run the enigmail migration?

the icedove-* language packs in [libre] are for the icedove in [libre] - there are no icedove-* language packs for the icedove in [libre-testing] - theyre not really needed anymore - you can install the language from the GUI

those thunderbird language packs are new and need to be added to the blacklist

$ pacman -Ss thunderbird-i18n | grep thunder
extra/thunderbird-i18n-af 78.10.1-1
extra/thunderbird-i18n-cak 78.10.1-1
extra/thunderbird-i18n-fa 78.10.1-1
extra/thunderbird-i18n-ka 78.10.1-1
extra/thunderbird-i18n-kab 78.10.1-1
extra/thunderbird-i18n-kk 78.10.1-1
extra/thunderbird-i18n-ms 78.10.1-1
extra/thunderbird-i18n-pa-in 78.10.1-1
extra/thunderbird-i18n-th 78.10.1-1
extra/thunderbird-i18n-uz 78.10.1-1

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Updated by bill-auger 22 days ago

this is simple to fix - i am more interested in the answer to my
first question - are you using the icedove in [libre-testing]? -
did you run the enigmail migration?

the enigmail migration is the only reason it is still in testing
- it would be good to know if it works for people who needed it

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