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[cowsay]: blacklist entry

bill-auger - 2 months ago - .

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this blacklist entry had no bug reference; and it is not obvious why it was blacklisted

the blacklist description is given as:

[nonfree] website of the source code is unavaiable"

indeed, that is true; but it is not a valid blacklist reason - obviously, the source code is available (it was moved to github) - the entry passes the lint-check, only because the [nonfree] tag is valid (which i believe is erroneous, and the given description does not support that tag)

the only difference between extra/cowsay and libre/cowsay, is that the parabola package uses debian as the upstream source, which is incomplete (it has deleted some files as offensive[SIC], which debian packages as 'cowsay-off')

i dont see any reason to re-package it, because:

  1. none of the files were removed for the given [nonfree] reason
  2. the extra/cowsay and libre/cowsay package and PKGBUILD are otherwise identical
  3. it is not a useful program, merely a gag, so it could just as well be blacklisted without a replacement

WRT licensing, it entered the blacklist in a batch, along with several other PERL-dependent packages, with this changelog message note:

add multiple perl packages to blacklist
Note on "Perl 5 License": Some packages, use "Perl 5 License" (dual license - 
"GPL" (v1+) and nonfree "PerlArtistic" (Artistic 1.0) license),
the "PerlArtistic" license are ignored.

the PerlArtistic 1.0 license is considered to be non-free; but the PERL5 license is a disjunctive dual license, permitting it to be taken under the GPL; so this does not appear to be a valid blacklist reason either

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