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Packaging of librewolf and ungoogled chromium for libre and nonprism respectively

Anonymous - 7 days ago - .

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Hello Parabola GNU/Linux-libre team,
I am currently on Artix linux thinking of making the switch to Parabola since Artix consists of non-free software and binary blobs. But, before that I would like to have two packages on Parabola since I don't want to use AUR in Parabola. Those two are: Librewolf, and ungoogled-chromium. Librewolf is a Firefox fork which eliminates all the telemetry, Pocket integration, DRM support as well as pre-hardened about:config which I have to manually do on iceweasel which improves the privacy and security for the end-user. Whereas ungoogled-chromium removes of Chromium's Google integration and tracking, user profiling, but however it does has support for DRM, which can be patched and removed just like how Clementine is patched for removing Spotify integration plugin. Since ungoogled-chromium uses Blink and Chromium, it has strong security features making it a potential candidate for the nonprism repository. These two softwares are in the AUR, librewolf-bin, librewolf, and ungoogled-chromium (no binary for ungoogled chromium though, whereas artix has ungoogled-chromium in their universe repository). Therefore, I would like these two softwares to be added to the Parabola GNU/Linux-libre repositories so that fellow Parabola users don't have to harden iceweasel or use ungoogled-chromium from the AUR.
Thank you.

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