Bug #3130

Upload PKGBUILDs and patches as part of the source release of packages

GNUtoo - over 1 year ago - . Updated over 1 year ago.

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It's far too easy to not keep the abslibre git repository in sync with the packages. For instance:
  • A developer can push to abslibre and forget to build the package, or that developer might want to build the package later on for various reasons. In addition we have several architectures, so the package in abslibre might not match the one currently available for a given architecture. I personally often push before having built the package and often forget to build it for ARM too, especially if my ARM builder is offline, and I often forget about it if the build takes too long.
  • A developer can also push the package and forget to push the corresponding git commits to abslibre. That probably happens when developers upload the package first to make sure that the git source and package are kept in sync, but forget to push the related git commits.

In either cases users and other developers can be situations where they can't get the corresponding PKGBUILD source code.

As humans are error prone, and that all Parabola developers are volunteers, I think it would be an interesting feature to add as it could help us cope with situations where the people that can fix is not available or that the information is lost (for instance if a modified PKGBUILD was used to build the package due to a human error).

It could also make sure that developers that are already overworked are not blamed for mistakes that are way to easy to do, and make it clear that instead the process of package submission is too much error prone and should be fixed here.

Ideally it would also be a good idea to upstream that feature in Arch Linux as it would be maintained for us.




Updated by bill-auger over 1 year ago

the parabola source packages contain the PKGBULD already -
look in any *.src.tar.gz -im pretty sure that it is a
standard arch feature, not special to parabola

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