Bug #3133

System upgrade breaks Plasma

Jetpack - 3 days ago - . Updated 3 days ago.

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  • steps to reproduce:
    1) Use Plasma with Wayland or X11
    2) Upgrade system with pacman -Syu using the following additional repositories: nonprism, nonsystemd
    3) Restart system
    4) Many Plasma programs no longer work properly
  • expected result:
    Plasma programs should work as usual, without showing error message boxes.
  • actual result:
    Multiple Plasma programs (such as Kdenlive, Dolphin and Gwenview) open but don't work, showing an error message box saying "The process for the tags protocol died unexpectedly." Dolphin also shows an error message at the top of the window saying "The process for the file protocol died unexpectedly." There is also an error message on the center of the desktop saying "The process for the desktop protocol died unexpectedly." Baloo also crashes when starting a new session.

Certain Plasma programs are working with no issues, such as Konsole and System Settings. This issue also persists after temporarily removing certain local KDE directories, such as ~/.kde4 and ~/.local/share/baloo. The same issue occurs on brand new user accounts as well, but Baloo doesn't seem to crash when logging in.

Xfce works with no issues, but I also receive an error message saying that baloo crashed, although everything seems to work fine there. I am not sure which package is causing this issue, but I'll keep this issue up-to-date if I find anything new. I have not tried to downgrade any packages yet.



Updated by laust 3 days ago

Same here (also on nonsystemd).

Starting dolphin or gwenview from a terminal, then trying to open a different folderĀ :

kf.kio.core: "The process for the {1} protocol died unexpectedly." with {1} being 'files', 'tags', and possibly others. Which does not tell much more than the GUI message, except it mentions kio.

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