Bug #3134

[texlive-bin] unable to satisfy icu dependencies

Anonymous - 10 months ago - . Updated 10 months ago.

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  • steps to reproduce:
# pacman -Syu texlive-core
  • expected result:

The package texlive-core and its dependencies are installed.

  • actual result:
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: unable to satisfy dependency '' required by texlive-bin
:: unable to satisfy dependency '' required by texlive-bin
  • probable cause

There was a recent upgrade of icu from the [core] repository which now provides and Hence, texlive-bin needs to be rebuilt against those.

Many thanks



Updated by dllud 10 months ago

Hi boarim,

This is a recurrent event that Parabola's maintainers keep track at #2047 and #2746


Updated by bill-auger 10 months ago

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the new 'icu-compat' package should resolve the conflict - there was a new keyring this week also, so ppl may need to install that first

# pacman -Sy parabola-keyring
# pacman -S  icu-compat
# pacman -Su

Updated by dllud 10 months ago

Where can I find the new icu-compat? The version that I can currently get from [libre] (67.1-1.parabola1) does not solve the conflict.


Updated by bill-auger 10 months ago

it takes time for new packages to propagate across the mirror network - currently, that interval is different for each mirror, and unknown for several

new packages appear on the website, normally within 30 minutes - you can always cherry-pick individual packages in that way

the general procedure, is to visit the parabola packages website (the "packages" link in the top nav-bar, and search for a package name (eg: icu); then to install one, right-click
the "Download From Mirror" link and select "copy link", then paste that URL to pacman - eg:

# pacman -U

if you are using the default mirrorlist (the redirector), you could simply try installing it in the normal way, specifying the precise version, but repeatedly until it succeeds

 # while ! pacman -Sy icu-compat=69.1-1.parabola1 ; do sleep 1 ; done ;

or CLI-savvy folks may prefer to memorize the repo URL schema, so to cherry-pick glibly


initially for some hours, some mirrors will have that file and others may not - with the repo URL scheme in mind, even `curl` is a perfectly adequate tool for this peculiar job - o/c, the simplest solution is to wait a few hours and try again

just some general advice (maybe this comment will seed a wiki page someday)


Updated by dllud 10 months ago

Thanks bill-auger! Indeed, that explanation would sit nicely in the wiki.
I actually checked on the packages website before commenting here. Had no idea that it also takes a while for a package to show up there.
Anyway, the new icu-compat solved it for me. Thanks!


Updated by Anonymous 10 months ago

Thank you bill-auger.

I confirm that it did the trick. I successfully installed texlive-core and its dependencies.


Updated by bill-auger 10 months ago

  • Status changed from in progress to fixed

Updated by eliotime3000 10 months ago

A much better solution is install first the parabola-keyring and then install the icu-compat package. That solved the issue that I had with ICU dependencies.

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