Freedom Issue #3142

Freedom Issue #1167: [chromium][electron][qt5-webengine][qt6-webengine] QTWebgine/Electron embeds "entire Chromium platform"

[rz-cutter]: depends on 'qt5-webengine'

bill-auger - over 1 year ago - . Updated 6 months ago.

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it compiles and runs fine without webengine - unclear what feature(s) may be missing



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v2.0.3 is in [libre] now

i686 wont compile, neither arch32::staging (2.0.3), or arch32::community (2.0.2)


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Updated by gap 6 months ago

Please split this report off into a new issue if this is not the right place for it.

AFAICT upstream deprecated Qt WebEngine integration so we might be able to send a bug report upstream to Arch asking them to remove the dependency so we can deprecate this package in the libre repo.

AFAICT upstream also deprecated Jupyter integration.
This package has jupyter in its dependencies (probably left over from an older version of the PKGBUILD), so it shows up as "virtual" on the repo website:

The PKGBUILD is missing checksums.

Whilst I'm here I may as well also mention it's out-of-date.


Updated by bill-auger 6 months ago

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you were right - it looks like the arch package did not actually use webengine, since four years ago - i opened a bug report about it - maybe they will adopt the changes, and rz-cutter can be restored

anyways, i updated the package in the process - it is actually ahead or arch now

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