Bug #3155

[hwids][hwdata]: package renamed - dependents require rebuild

bill-auger - 13 days ago - . Updated 4 days ago.

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# pacman -Syu
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: removing hwids breaks dependency 'hwids' required by eudev

the upgrade also fails when the user elects to ignore that conflict, preventing the new 'hwdata' package from clobbering files owned by the retained 'hwids' package

the following dependents will need to be rebuilt:

  • nonsystemd/eudev
  • nonsystemd/xudev
  • libre/systemd-udev
  • pcr/pciutils-staticlibs


Bug #3157: [eudev] depends on hwids, which has been replaced by hwdatafixedMegver83




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<bill-auger> nonsystemd/udev has replaced eudev permanently? - the install guide recommends installing eudev - i suppose that must be changed now? 
<Megver83> yes, it is because eudev was actually based on systemd-udev, so xudev turned into 'udev' - however I haven't built it for i686 and armv7h - and eudev was deprecated
<bill-auger> ok i think some packages need to be deleted manually
<bill-auger> eudev and xudev, if those no longer exist

Updated by gap 10 days ago

eudev appears to have been abandoned by Gentoo but was forked by Alpine, Devuan, and Gentoo contributors at


Updated by gap 5 days ago

I think it would be best to reinstate `eudev` from this new source because `eudev` is still referenced in the `your-initfreedom` blacklist, plus I strongly suspect it will work better than `nonsystemd/udev`.


Updated by bill-auger 5 days ago

the previous comments are not really related to this ticket - this is only about which dependents must be re-built - eudev was the most critical dependent; but that was handled on #3157, which is assigned to megver - the specifics of how it was handled, do not affect this ticket - more importantly, megver may not see these comments, because this ticket is tracking the unrelated hwids->hwdata replacement, and is assigned to me

if you believe that megver's decision should be challenged, add those comments to #3157 instead, and ask megver for a rationale justifying that decision - then perhaps we could re-open the discussion (once megver becomes aware of the objections) - i suspect that he followed what artix has done, in response to the same dilema - if so, it was probably a wise decision

megver's work on nonsystemd derrives heavily from artix and gentoo - if artix and gentoo dropped eudev, then parabola should too - the decisions of devuan and alpine, are not nearly as relevant to parabola


Updated by bill-auger 4 days ago

the 'your-initfreedom' package probably does not need any changes - the new 'udev' package provides 'eudev'; so 'your-initfreedom' is still satisfiable

$ pacman -Si  udev | grep Provides
Provides        : udev=250.2  eudev

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