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Support aarch64

gap - about 1 year ago - . Updated about 1 year ago.

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What is the current status of the aarch64 port?
There are no aarch64 packages; are armv7h (aarch32) packages compatible with aarch64?

What would it take to make aarch64 supported fully?



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yes they are compatible - the install guide explains the details


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What needs to be done to make Parabola have aarch64 package repos?
The Install Guide solution of using aarch32 packages on an aarch64 system is far from ideal.


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I'm working on a version of aarch64 parabola based off of aarch64 archlinuxarm.

What needs to be done is import an initial set of repository packages, and rebuild all of [libre] (that is not of arch any, those can be imported as well)

I need to do a first evaluation of the amount of effort that is necessary for this, but it is much more reasonable than for example the work needed for a riscv or ppc64le port.


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I have a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B V1.2 from before I found out about libre software which unfortunately needs a blob to even boot.
I could test aarch64 Parabola on it with the reverse-engineered libre firmware: <> although the project already stalled once and doesn't seem to have particularly good support yet.

Guix already packages this project, but I'd rather avoid Guix because it's not 100% libre; it allows proprietary works in its repos.

Please tell me if I could be of help.

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