Bug #3205

Local mkinitcpio newer than in libre but older than in core

doolio - 6 months ago - . Updated 6 months ago.

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When trying to a i686 system update I get the following error.

warning: mkinitcpio: local (30-2.0) is newer than libre (30-2.parabola2)

Why do I see such message? How can I have previously updates this package to a newer version than in libre?

Now the libre repo is listed before the core repo in /etc/pacman.conf. However, this package exists in core as well and us in fact currently at version 31-2.0 but because libre is listed before core it pulls from it rather than core. My question then is why does this package exist in both repos. I'd expect such a package to be in core.



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is this causing any noticeable problem?


Updated by doolio 6 months ago

No, unless you think it could be why I'm unable to boot into my fully encrypted system (see forum post


Updated by doolio 6 months ago

The mkinitcpio-30-2.parabola2 version is in my pacman cache so at some point it was updated to the 30-2.0 version on my system now. However, I don't understand where this version came from since the libre repo still has the version in my pacman cache and the version in the core repository is newer still.

But my feeling is this is the cause of why I can't boot into my encrypted system. Can I upgrade it to that in core even though it was installed as a dependency?


Updated by doolio 6 months ago

Downgrading to mkinitcpio-30-2.parabola2 version resolved my problem. I can now boot into my encrypted system again.

I still would like to understand where the 30-2.0 version came from and why this package exists in both libre and core. To exist in libre suggests the Parabola team perform some work on the package. If that is the case shouldn't it then be excluded from core?

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