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[server:repo] Needs attended pacman update

lukeshu - over 9 years ago - . Updated about 8 years ago.

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repo still has glibc/filesystem from before the /lib+/usr/lib merge.

I'm afraid to do it because I can't sit down with it and push the power button if something goes wrong.



Updated by lukeshu over 9 years ago

I'm not saying we need to upgrade everything, just

pacman -S pacman gcc gcc-libs libtool linux-libre-xen

I wouldn't have even added linux-libre-xen, but linux-libre-api-headers would get upgraded by the others.


Updated by lukeshu over 9 years ago

Just to throw it out there: It hasn't been upgraded since 2012-05-03, more than a year.

pacman -Qi $(pacman -Q|sed 's/ .*//') |
sed -nr 's/(Install Date|Name)\s*:\s*//p' |
sed -r 's/(...) (..) (...) (....) (........) (..) GMT/\4 \3 \2 \6 \5/' |
tr '\n' ' ' | sed -r 's/([AP]M ..:..:..) /\1\n/g' |
sed -r 's/(\S*) (.*)/\2 \1/' |

Of course, a few packages have been installed since then. The above, piped into tail:

2012 May 03 PM 08:42:25 xfsprogs
2012 May 03 PM 08:42:25 your-freedom
2012 May 03 PM 08:42:25 zile
2012 May 14 PM 08:32:15 unzip-libre
2012 Oct 16 PM 01:50:57 python
2013 Jan 19 AM 03:14:43 gnu-netcat
2013 May 05 PM 08:55:02 etckeeper
2013 May 05 PM 09:23:31 colordiff
2013 May 05 PM 10:26:00 mediawiki
2013 May 05 PM 11:24:47 imake

etckeeper, colordiff, mediawiki, and imake were done by me.


Updated by lukeshu about 8 years ago

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I successfully updated glibc+filesystem+pacman today. Yes, I rule.

I also updated murmurd, and manually kept the init script around.

Most of the packages still need updates, and it must be done carefully, but the "hell" upgrading is done :)

Any word on if systemd will work on it?


Updated by mtjm about 8 years ago

We checked if kernel options documented as needed by systemd are enabled a long time ago, all required ones are. I think we should try the upgrade and maybe ask n1md4 for logs and a kernel upgrade if it fails.


Updated by mtjm about 8 years ago

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You fixed it.

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