Housekeeping #3237

Housekeeping #3018: Various uninstallable packages should be fixed, dropped, or blacklisted.

Packaging Request #2874: [python2-*]: multiple packages dropped from arch

Remove pcr/python2* and libre/python2*

gap - about 2 years ago - . Updated almost 2 years ago.

% Done:



Python 2 was deprecated 2 years ago.

This will also help lessen the burden on Parabola package maintenance.



Updated by gap about 2 years ago

Python 2 packages not required by any other package (may not be exhaustive):
A Python 3 replacement is listed if applicable; is it possible to tell pacman to offer to install the replacement if the original package is no longer found in the repo?

If it were up to me, all deprecated packages would be removed from the repos, which would include all of the Python 2 packages, with the exception of the ones which are underway in being replaced.
Until a decision is made, these packages should be relatively uncontroversial to remove:

Python 2 package Python 3 replacement
pcr/python2-arxiv2bib pcr/python-arxiv2bib
pcr/python2-async n/a (deprecated upstream, last updated in 2014)
pcr/python2-authres community/python-authres
pcr/python2-bibtexparser pcr/python-bibtexparser
pcr/python2-carrot community/python-kombu
pcr/python2-empy community/python-empy
pcr/python2-filetype community/python-filetype
pcr/python2-flask-lesscss n/a (last updated in 2010)
pcr/python2-habanero pcr/python-habanero
pcr/python2-interruptingcow n/a (last updated In 2018)
pcr/python2-isbnlib pcr/python-isbnlib
pcr/python2-pefile community/python-pefile (there also appears to be a duplicate in pcr/python-pefile which is long-outdated)
pcr/python2-pkgtools n/a (last updated in 2013)
pcr/python2-potr community/python-potr
pcr/python2-pyliblzma n/a (LZMA/XZ support has been in the Python standard library since v3.3)
pcr/python2-pyparser pcr/python-pyparser
pcr/python2-rospkg pcr/python-rospkg
pcr/python2-slugify community/python-slugify
pcr/python2-vcstools pcr/python-vcstools
pcr/python2-weberror n/a (couldn't find a replacement)
pcr/python2-wsgiref pcr/python-wsgiref
libre/python2-django-jinja libre/python-django-jinja
libre/antlr2-python2 n/a (didn't bother finding a replacement; antlr2 is already outdated due to community/antlr4)
i686/community/python2-netcdf4-openmpi community/python-netcdf4-openmpi (does the Python 2 package come from Arch32?)
i686/community/python2-h5py-openmpi community/python-h5py-openmpi (does the Python 2 package come from Arch32?)

Updated by gap almost 2 years ago

Should we just remove python2 entirely?

It was deprecated 2 years ago, so security issues are less likely to be fixed, and all issues regarding Python 2 will probably only get worse over time as it rots away and slowly becomes incompatible with newer versions of its dependencies.

The packages that depend on it should switch away from it anyway.
Moreover, almost all of the application packages that depend on it are in the PCR and as such are not essential to the base system.


Updated by bill-auger almost 2 years ago

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python2 is already gone - it is not possible to install any package which depends on python2; so there is no security risk - these packages are only harmless litter, unless someone want to rescue some of them, such as calibre


Updated by bill-auger almost 2 years ago

  • Parent task changed from #3018 to #2874

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