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Bug #3334: Make aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc work again on armv7h

[uboot-pinebookpro]: build recipe

avalos - 11 months ago - . Updated 9 months ago.

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Hey! With help of a Manjaro ARM contributor (dsimic), I managed to fix the PKGBUILD of uboot-pinebook, so it now properly cross-compiles to aarch64. dsimic told me that arm-none-eabi-gcc was not the right dependency, and when building natively in aarch64 hardware, gcc was always used instead of arm-none-eabi-gcc because the CROSS_COMPILE variable was not set.

This customized and Parabola-branded u-boot package contains a /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf that will load linux-libre-64 and then it will mount the root filesystem labeled PARABOLA, so the rest of the system can start.

I lost track of the Git history, so I will simply send you the files.


uboot-pinebookpro.tar.gz (5.36 KB) uboot-pinebookpro.tar.gz avalos, 2022-07-14 01:45 AM



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The issue is that we currently lack aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc on armv7h. We had it before but it was removed by mistake, so someone needs to somehow make it work again (right now it doesn't compile on armv7h).

As for the patches I've not reviewed them yet, but we'll likely keep the ones that have been upstreamed and drop them in the next u-boot releases, and try not to use the other ones unless there is no other ways (like the patch is small and can't be upstreamed) to lower maintenance costs. I could also try to backport some patches if needed but in any case I would need help for testing.

We would also need a bit more work on the user interface in order to have it look the same than other uboot4extlinux-* (especially uboot4extlinux-sunxi that has the last changes) to users that install this u-boot. If I do that work I'll also need help for testing here.

This way not only there would be less work to do in the installation instructions (on the wiki) for this computer, but we could also later on change the internals of the PKGBUILD to be more like the other uboot4extlinux-* without users seeing anything. This would then enable Parabola to add support for more rk3399 devices and maybe other devices with other rockchip SOCs if they are similar enough. I'll also need help for testing here too.


Updated by bill-auger 9 months ago

i put this under VCS - the 'pinebookpro' branch of abslibre

i made only some minor changes to the install hook for now; but probably that needs to change more, to make it compatible with ubbot4extlinux


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